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Clearlight Infrared Sauna® models offer the lowest and safest EMF and ELF levels compared to other infrared saunas on the market. Our True Wave™ heaters are highly effective and safe. EMF levels are below 1mg near the heater and virtually 0mg where you sit. ELF levels are 3-5 times below the concern threshold, while competitors' levels are over 20 times higher. Choose Clearlight for ultimate wellness and safety.


Certified Class 1 Medical Device in Canada​

Uses proprietary True Wave™ far infrared and full spectrum infrared sauna heaters

The larger size of our True Wave® Far Infrared heaters mean more surface area, resulting in lower surface temperature. The result of this low temperature is that our heaters produce more FAR or LONG wave infrared heat which is more therapeutic.

Improve sleep, decrease stress, and stimulate detoxification

Experience the Clearlight® Difference

Doctor Designed & Endorsed

Developed by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a renowned Doctor of Chiropractic, our saunas feature his expert knowledge and exclusive True Wave™ technology for optimal infrared therapy.

Canadian-sourced Wood

Crafted with premium wood sourced from the pristine forests of Canada, our saunas showcase the natural beauty and durability of highest quality Mahogany and North American Basswood.

Quick Install

We provide delivery and hassle-free installation. We’ll make sure your sauna is ready to enjoy right away.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Every Clearlight® infrared sauna is hand-sanded and feature colour-matched wood panels that are furniture-quality finished.

Make Room for Silence

It's time to get back to thinking and feeling like yourself once again.

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Renowned Author, Public Speaker, Alternative Medicine Advocate and one of the best-known figures in Alternative Medicine



DNM, DC, CNS. Doctor of Natural Medicine, Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist, Show Host and Author




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