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Weight loss concept Saunas Help with Weight Loss

Do Saunas Help with Weight Loss?

Heat’s health benefits have been known for centuries.   In recent years, the spotlight has turned to the particular advantages of infrared saunas, specifically if saunas help with weight loss. Let’s explore that and other questions

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Water vapor on surface of cold water

What is EMF in Infrared Saunas?

Whether you are a health enthusiast always looking for ways to amplify your wellness regimen or someone just embarking on a journey to better health, understanding EMFs is essential.   What is low EMF?  EMF stands

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How Many People Can Our Saunas Fit?

Saunas have been used for thousands of years, all around the world.   Studies show that, besides helping people relax and have fun, saunas have real health benefits.  Though most research has been done on traditional,

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Beautiful woman inhales salt air, halotherapy. Salt air treatment at the spa

What Is Halotherapy?

In the 19th century, a doctor in Poland discovered something interesting about his patients who worked in the salt mines. Unlike men who worked in other kinds of mines, they had no respiratory issues. In

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